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PO254: Sensitivity and quality assessment of global 50-year return winds using reanalysis products and measurements

Marc Imberger, Postdoc in Wind Resource Assessment and Meteorology, DTU Wind Energy


The Global Atlas for Siting Parameters (GASP, [1,2]) is a publicly available atlas of IEC siting parameters and wind turbine classes provided at near-global coverage with a spatial resolution of 250m. While modelled turbine siting data like 50-year return winds from GASP can help to estimate site specific extreme environmental conditions and thus reducing the risk and associated costs of over-designing turbines, it is also crucial to gain knowledge about the reliability and associated uncertainties of the modelled variables. This is especially important in highly complex workflows like the GASP workflow where different modelling strategies and external inputs with their own associated uncertainties are combined. This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of the reliability and uncertainty associated with the 50-year return winds in GASP by presenting results from a sensitivity study, where four reanalysis data are used. The variability associated with the different reanalysis inputs is quantified for different regions of the globe and the reliability of the modelled return winds is assessed by comparisons with 50-year return winds derived from long-term onshore measurements. [1] Larsén, X. G., Davis, N., Hannesdóttir, Á., Kelly, M., Olsen, B., Floors, R., Nielsen, M., & Imberger, M. (2021). Calculation of Global Atlas of Siting Parameters. DTU Wind Energy. DTU Wind Energy E No. E-Report-0208 [2]

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