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PO253: Measuring and visualizing environmental and social impacts of wind energy projects

Max Houwing, Wind Energy System Integration Researcher, TNO - Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research


Onshore wind deployment does not progress as fast as planned. One of the main causes of delays of wind energy projects resulting in delays and challenges for new wind farm developments are the social acceptance and the environmental impact, in particular impact on birds. In recent years, public consultation is defined as an integral part of environmental and socio-economic assessments. Early involvement of all groups is crucial for the timely deployment of new capacity. As regards the environment, the real impact of wind energy in air habitats is quantified by assumptions that are not validated with real and accurate data. The lack of data challenges the inclusion of these constraints in spatial analysis. These impacts based on assumptions reduce the potentially available area for new projects and require curtailments strategies, limitations and penalties to wind farm developers and owners, impacting the business case of the project. The current situation reflects an urgent need for a standard methodology for assessing impact and measurement technology to accurately quantify the real impacts. Further research is needed to understand what most suitable wind turbine design, operation and control strategies are to minimize these impacts. This study analyses how wind farm development is currently performed in the Netherlands, identifying bottlenecks and process issues. A tool has been developed to measure and visualize the most important limiting factors for spatial decision-making for developing onshore wind farms, highlighting future challenges and opportunities, reducing uncertainty and delays of future business cases.

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