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PO237: OPEX improvement of wind farms through smart mobility solutions

Javier Barroso, Tecnatom,s.a


The costs associated with the maintenance and inspection of wind farms, which represent the main contribution to OPEX, increase as the age of the facilities increases, dragged down by the increase in the cost of large wind turbine correctives as the hours of operation of these increases. In a wind generation fleet such as the Spanish electricity system, in which more than half of the installed capacity began its commercial exploitation more than 15 years ago and with the current regulatory uncertainties in relation to its remuneration, it is necessary to explore ways that allow optimize O&M processes. The execution in the field of maintenance and inspection work with paper-supported procedures represent a barrier to the improvement of O&M processes, which can be circumvented by taking advantage of the potential of dynamic instructions, supported by mobility devices, such as tablets, and that allow incorporating aids to the execution of tasks, keeping records, as well as the possibility of taking advantage of the captured data and the information generated during the execution of these tasks to optimize your processes.

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