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PO225: External Factors Influencing the Impact and Value of Remaining useful Life Predictions

Michael Kirschneck, Product Manager Wind, Sentient Science


Remaining useful life (RuL) is a common conceptto communicate the health state of components and turbines. RuL represents a date in time at which a component is no longer considered useful as it is too damaged to fulfill its task. This work assumes an accurate computation of RuL predictions and focuses on the integration of them into existing business process. Accomplishing this effectively can be challenging as there are several aspects of RuL that are often overlooked: 1. RuL and damage assessment are subjective in nature as they depend on the operating and financial strategy of the company 2. They provide minimal value in isolation. Missing context lowers the confidence in the predictions and complicates the insights to actions 3. Reliable and always updated RuL predictions affect business units such as supply chain, procurement, asset management and operations. It can require substantial changes in the processes in all these areas. 4. If an RuL prediction triggers an intervention and, thus, creates value, depends largely on other parameters than the health state such as insurance, available work force, wind season, etc. This work will cover the impact, value, and application of damage prediction(s) and RuL, looking at the question: Under what circumstances does the integration of RuL into the O&M strategy of the owners, operators and LTSA providers create value for the business unit. It will show why an RuL prediction by itself has little value when not set into context and how that can be achieved.

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