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PO223: IEA Task 43 Data Standards Roadmap Enhancing the Value of Data in the Wind Energy Sector

Julian Quick, Research Assistant, University of Colorado Boulder


There is a great deal of data held by different organizations within the wind energy sector. As wind energy digitization progresses, data is becoming a more valuable resource and is starting to be approached as an asset. We explore how data can become more valuable when it has more comprehensive metadata. For example, some organizations are beginning to include maintenance events as metadata, instead of storing technician logs in notebooks in wind turbine towers. We define the value of data in three ways: the cost of acquiring the data, the amount of revenue added because of the data, or the amount others are willing to pay for the data. There are several opportunities to add value to data in the wind energy sector. Although there are many open-source wind energy data sets, their value is not fully realized because there is no central repository. A singular shared vocabulary and ontology would be ideal for the wind energy sector, but there are significant barriers to realizing such a monolithic semantic. There are relatively few guidelines regarding metadata. Consequently, important data, such as the orientation of anemometers, repair records, or calibration of instruments, are often not available to analysts. This study discusses practical problems surrounding data in the wind energy sector, gaps in the current data landscape, and proposed solutions to these problems and gaps. These solutions will enhance the value of data and the ability to share or sell data sets.

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