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PO221: Prospects and industry-wide challenges for an energy data space and GAIA-X in the wind energy sector

Volker Berkhout, Research Associate, Fraunhofer Institut for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE)


The build-up of data spaces as a data infrastructure in the energy sector and other industries through initiatives such as the International Data Spaces Association or GAIA-X will open various new opportunities for digital collaboration and data sharing across companies in a time horizon of three to five years. Research projects are ongoing, and further innovation actions to implement an Energy Data Space on the European level and as part of the GAIA-X initiative will likely be launched in the second quarter of 2022 as set out in the European data strategy Horizon Europe research programme. This presentation will introduce the concept of data spaces, show possible use cases in the energy sector, e.g., operational optimisation by predictive maintenance across different actors and name the challenges and joint efforts that need to be addressed by the industry. Based on a pilot project, we demonstrate the provision of operational data from a wind turbine as a data asset to the data space. The demonstration includes the interaction between data provider and consumer, browsing the resource catalogue and consuming the data. Key joint efforts for industry and research organisations include developing semantically linked data models that match industry standards and current data management practices within companies as well as the definition of usage and access policies that could enable mutually beneficial data-sharing beyond the current limits of trust and corporate interest restrictions.

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