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PO205: To what extent can a 3D scan of an operational turbine blade improve turbine loads modelling?

George Elderfield, Wind Turbine Performance Engineer / KTP Associate, Natural Power


Existing onshore wind farms are beginning to reach the end of their operational life leaving wind farm owners with the decision of life extension, re-powering or decommissioning. Extending the life of a wind farm asset has the potential to increase profits for an owner. This has increased the importance of accurate lifetime analysis of operating wind farms to help inform decision making. In the various standards published by organisations such as DNV which outline lifetime extension procedures reference wind turbines are used for loads modelling. This is often due to the lack of specific turbine models being made available by turbine manufacturers. This can introduce uncertainty into the life extension calculations and an aeroelastic model of the specific turbine in question is desirable. This paper explores a methodology for developing an improved wind turbine model through the use of a 3D blade scan to determine the aerodynamic information of the turbine for use in aeroelastic simulation.

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