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PO202: Lifetime calculation and prediction of wind turbine main bearings due to the application of REWITEC

Stefan Bill, Managing Director, REWITEC GmbH


REWITEC, as a part of Croda Int Plc, is a developer and manufacturer of an innovative particle-based surface treatment Phyllosilicate-technology for increasing the reliability and lifetime of wind turbine gears and bearings. The active particles are compatible to all common oils and greases and use lubricants as a carrier to build through their adsorption a protective and repairing phyllosilicate-based coating on the surface. The modified surface has a significantly lower surface roughness, which ensures a better load distribution, lower local pressure and lower tribological stress. Additionally, due to the special layered material structure the particles can be sheared in the tribological contact, which leads to a reduction in friction. All in all, when applying the products systems can run better with reduced friction, wear, surface roughness and temperature. These effects lead to great reliability and longer lifetime and reduce costs.

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