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PO190: Onshore wind farm planning in densely populated areas--Community acceptance as an informal tool in the Land spatial planning of China

Jinjin Guan, Lecturer, East China University of Science and Technology


This paper attempts to explore the factors that hinder the community acceptance of wind farms in rural areas of east China. Based on the regression analysis between community acceptance and influencing factors, recommendations for improving public participation and facilitating the permitting process are summarized. Zhongying Wind Farm, located in the mountain area of Zhejiang Province, is selected for the case study since it represents the general conflicts between the wind farm and local communities under a densely populated area in eastern China. The research method combines interviews, statistical analysis and spatial data visualization analysis to explore the factors hindering community acceptability from various perspectives and propose optimization strategies, which provides innovative, feasible methods for other wind farm projects. The linear regression analysis reveals that distance ranks first as the most significant factor influencing wind farm permits, followed by visibility, noise, information and compensation. A framework is proposed based on the results of the interview, variance and regression analysis, which aims to integrate wind energy planning into the land spatial planning system, reduce duplication of work between departments, and standardize the permitting process.

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