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PO177: Forecasting of icing impacts on energy production and safety

Øyvind Byrkjedal, R&D Manager, Kjeller Vindteknikk


Blade icing is a major issue for wind farms in cold climate areas, decreasing energy production (up to 15% and more on an annual basis depending on the site) and potentially reducing wind turbine generators (WTG) lifetime by increased vibrations and fatigue loads. In addition, icing on the turbine blades, turbine tower and nacelle roof can represent a danger for the personnel working wind farms and for visitors to the wind farm. Kjeller Vindteknikk has through many years developed methods to better capture icing events through meso scale modelling techniques, providing forecasts of icing for prediction of production loss through icing and for probability of ice throw and ice fall, which are running operationally through each winter. Based on their previous experience and through an R&D partnership with wind farm operators in Norway and Sweden, and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Kjeller Vindteknikk has developed a new state-of-the-art forecasting system for the public, called IceRiskForecast 2.0. By combining ensemble forecasting with real-time SCADA data, valuable information is provided to third parties which intend to use the wind farm area during winter season. By reading the traffic-light icing forecast on the wind farm operators’ websites they can prepare their visit accordingly to reduce the risk. IceRiskForecast 2.0 has been developed in the R&D project “Wind Energy in Icing Climate” and would not have been possible without the funding from The Research Council of Norway and its sponsors, Fosen Wind, Zephyr, Fortum, Fred Olsen Renewables and Hydro.

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