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PO169: Robotic Wind Lidar Concept for Wind Tunnel Experiments

Shahbaz Pathan, PhD Student, DTU Wind Energy


This abstract is about a wind lidar concept for wind tunnel experiments. Wind tunnels are normally equipped with in-situ measurement devices such as Pitot tubes, Cobra probes or hot-wire probes. In order to measure spatially resolved measurements they must be mounted on large frames and which in turn can disturb the flow under observation. On the other hand, optical approaches such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) are used but not suitable for larger measurement volumes and they require significant seeding of the flow. In order to cover larger volumes, wind lidars can be used but when it comes to steering of wind lidars, they are limited to a fix position from where the laser beam can be scanned within a limited solid angle. To improve the flexibility, we have integrated a small lidar telescope (lidic) developed at DTU Wind Energy with a robotic arm produced by Universal Robots, which can move the telescope in all six degrees of freedom. This work is mainly about integration of the lidar with the robotic arm and the overall interfacing with the robotic arm, steering of robotic arm in desired directions and synchronization of robotic arm positions with lidar signals. Many wind energy industry related applications such as measurements of flow around model wind turbines in wind tunnel and precise measurements of the wake deficit after a blade section without any disturbance of flow and with flexibility can be achieved with this instrumentation system.

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