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PO158: Virtual Site Survey for Wind Turbine Monitoring

Michael Hastings, Sr. Application Engineer, Brüel & Kjær Vibro


The wind turbine site survey is a very important function for retrofitting turbines with a condition monitoring system. The monitoring system specialist normally spends a couple of hours in the nacelle to determine where and how sensors are to be mounted on the drive train and tower. This task is absolutely critical for successful monitoring system implementation. The most important objective of a site survey is to determine where the sensors are to be positioned in the drive train and tower, and the kind of mounting the sensors will be installed on. These factors have a significant effect on the signal quality delivered to the data acquisition and processing unit. The speed phase reference sensor installation is also important, as it is normally mounted on a custom-made bracket mounted above the shaft, that must be very rigid and robust and fit within the confines of the area. Therefore, the expertise of a monitoring specialist is needed during the survey to make these judgement calls. During the Covd-19 pandemic, there were scheduled site survey jobs to do but no possibility to come onsite. The remote monitoring and commissioning group of the monitoring system and service provider B&K Vibro came up with a solution; let the owner/operator technicians and service providers do the actual survey under the remote guidance of the B&K Vibro specialists, as a virtual site survey.

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