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PO155: Open retrofit turbine controller solutions offer better performance, OEM independence and longer lifetime

Jose Alonso Huerta, Key Account & Business Development Manager, DEIF A/S


Replacing the original controller with a new open retrofit controller solution opens a world of opportunities for turbine owners and service providers. It provides improved performance and financial results, full asset ownership independently of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), and the opportunity to operate and maintain turbines beyond 20 years of lifetime. There are three main ways of boosting the performance of a turbine with a new open retrofit controller solution: improving the power curve, increasing the operation time, and facilitating singular projects. Open retrofit controllers make it possible to boost performance by adapting the power curve and control strategy to site conditions and particular conditions on the same wind park. Each wind turbine can be individually adapted in accordance with any factor that may currently be minimising its production such as gusts, wake, or air humidity. Open retrofit controller solutions have been shown to easily boost yearly production (AEP - annual energy production) by 1-3%. In particular cases, the increase is 10% or even 20%. Additionally, open retrofit controllers increase the operational time by avoiding unnecessary stops thanks to their improved control strategy, the freedom to choose when to perform maintenance, the ability to adjust parameter limits in accordance with actual onsite conditions, and so forth. Finally, singular projects such as re-blading become easier with open retrofit controllers because they facilitate the adaptation of new rotor dimensions and loads while boosting production. At the same time, they keep turbine performance within safe conditions.

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