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PO147: Offshore wake models behavior by varying wind farm installed capacity and number of turbines

Valerio Labattaglia, Wind Energy Engineer, Plenitude


European Union’s political commitment is to be climate neutral by 2050, to protect the planet and our people. Europe’s long-term energy and climate policies are favourable to offshore wind, so it is expected a massive increase in offshore wind installation (from the current 3 GW/year to 11 GW/year by 2026) [Offshore Wind in Europe, Key trends and statistics 2020, Wind Europe, February 2021]. The wake losses estimation in an offshore pre-construction Energy Yield Assessment (EYA) is a critical issue, given their impact on production. Different models for wakes estimation are available, nevertheless to date there is still no overall opinion on which model is the best. This work does not want to be the solution on the above issue, however it does want to provide interesting insights into the behavior of three different models, Jensen WindPRO Park 2 2018, Wake Blaster and DAWM (Deep‐array wake model)-Eddy Viscosity, varying the wind farm capacity and the number of turbines.

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