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PO137: ESA Atlantic Regional Initiative - Increasing the uptake of EO based services in the scope of offshore wind farm planning and operations activities

Pedro Ribeiro, EO Downstream Expert, Colab +Atlantic


Satellite-based Earth Observation (EO) has the potential to provide unique data to support the design and operation of offshore wind farms. While wind resource data is fundamental to assess the energy production potential of an offshore wind farm, environmental conditions (wave and currents) are fundamental parameters to consider during the farm design and installation and maintenance operations planning. To demonstrate the potential applications of EO to offshore wind projects and increase their uptake by the sector, the Atlantic Regional Initiative Applications - Topic 2 - Offshore Wind Energy (ARIA2) is an ambitious project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). Initiated in September 2020, the ARIA2 consortium is led by Elecnor DEIMOS in collaboration with DTU Wind Energy, WAVEC Offshore Renewables, EDP Centre for New Energy Technologies (EDP CNET), the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA), and the Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre). The main technical objectives of the ARIA2 project are the development, integration and delivery to the end-user community of a set of EO based services and respective user impact assessment of those EO-based information services to support decision making processes by the wind energy sector in the design and operations planning of offshore infrastructures in the Atlantic Region. Those services cover the following elements: a) Climate and weather-related wind farm design and operations; b) Assessment of wind resource for energy production; c) Assessment and minimization of Wind Turbine Wake Effect; d) Assessment of Rain Erosion of Wind Turbine Blades.

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