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PO131: Lidar Knowledge Europe (LIKE) the European research and training network

Charlotte Hasager, Professor, DTU Wind Energy


Lidar Knowledge Europe (LIKE) is a large European research and training network focused on the development of new wind lidar techniques, novel methods for lidar data processing and careful calibration of data. Furthermore, the research and training involve several applied research fields such as siting in complex terrain, offshore and very high in the atmosphere, wind turbine and wind farm flow and turbulence, optimized control of turbines using nacelle-based wind lidars, and wind engineering for suspension bridges and airport safety related to winds and turbulence. The research and training extend from theoretical work, experimentation in laboratories, wind tunnel experiments, to full-scale data collection in the atmosphere. Data from past experiments from the involved partners are used in new ways and add extra width to the on-going research. In the LIKE project 26 partners (ten beneficiaries and 16 associated partners) provide Early Stage Researcher training for 15 PhD students across Europe. All PhDs will be on exchange at two secondment partners allowing them to gain insight both in academic and non-academic perspectives in different countries. The work is supported by H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019, Grant number 858358 is funded by the European Union.

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