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PO129: Turbulence Intensity: Floating LiDAR measurements assimilation to traditional offshore met mast’s anemometry through an adjustment algorithm

Adrià Miquel, Lead Data Scientist, Eolos Floating Lidar Solutions S.L.


In this study a correction of the measured TI from floating lidars is applied for wind resource characterization. Two EOLOS FLS200, mounting a ZX300M continuous wave lidar, are currently measuring wind conditions in the New York bight as part of a wind resource assessment campaign by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Many argue that LiDAR-measured TI and cup-measured TI are not the same physical phenomenon since different spatial and temporal approaches between the two type of sensors lead to a disparity in the measurement itself. EOLOS seeks to tackle this issue with an adjustment algorithm whose aim is to bring the LiDAR-measured TI to the value given by traditional anemometry. The LiDAR-measured and cup-measured TI behaviors diverge in a fashion one could argue comparable to a stochastic process. Hence, any type of correction should be tackled in a statistical fashion relying on different techniques, such as the bin-wise aggregation analysis with respect to several environmental parameters, rather than on the specific measurement correction. As such, this is the approach adopted by the algorithm presented hereinafter.

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