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PO128: Floating LiDAR Offshore Wind 100% Data Availability

Adrià Miquel, Lead Data Scientist, Eolos Floating Lidar Solutions S.L.


This work presents the methodology and results to obtain 100% data availability for offshore wind Resource assessment and site characterisation via the combination of Eolos Floating Lidar solutions measurements with the Vortex GapFill (VGF) tool based on the LES – Large Eddy Simulations numerical model. Currently, the development of Wind Offshore sites requires long measurement campaigns, typically 1 or 2 years, using floating buoys that mount marinized vertical lidars, like ZXLidars Zephir. During very particular weather conditions LiDAR data availability can be low. Depending on the site, availability drops can reach up to 10%. These gaps in the measurements can be filled applying the VGF tool using as input the synthetic (modeled) results of Vortex LES, provided that the two types of data are clearly differentiated. The public floating lidar (FLS) campaign NYSERDA, which started in August 2019 off the coasts of New York with two EOLOS FLS200 units, has been used as test case to prove the validity of this methodology. Data from one unit and the first year of the campaign has been used in this study. Two different datasets from the floating lidar device have been compared with the Vortex LES model. The first one corresponds to the original. In the second one, an extra 16% of data has been removed in order to increase the amount of gaps to be filled and test the performance of the Vortex Gapfill tool. Results show the same levels of correlation for both datasets, with R2 above 95% for both cases.

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