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PO121: Offshore wind farm layout optimization using six metaheuristics algorithms

Zia ul Rehman Tahir, Assistant Professor, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore


The offshore wind farms are usually designed with large inter-turbine spacing to minimize wake effects but it increases construction and cabling costs as well as transmission losses. This can be avoided by using latest wind farm layout optimization (WFLO) techniques. The virtual wind farm in promising region of Exclusive Economic Zone of Pakistan was optimized in terms of area reduction by carrying out comparative performance of six metaheuristic algorithms. The minimum threshold distance of 5 D was kept from one turbine to neighboring. Jensen’s wake model was used to visualize wake effects with European Reanalysis data (ERA-5). The wind speed recovers 85 % of nominal speed (6.8 m/s) at 12 D distance in rear side of turbine. The minimum area achieved for suggested wind farm was about half of the initial layout area. The power output, park efficiency, AEG and capacity factor was decreased by 9.7 MW, 3.5 %, 85 GWh, and 1.8 % respectively with area reduction from 144 to 72 km2 for best selected algorithm (Whale Optimization Algorithm). It is observed that about 50 % area can be reduced using WFLO techniques with minimal decrease in power output.

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