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PO114: Safety leadership over distance – harnessing data to drive safety excellence in the offshore wind sector

Annette Nienhaus, Partner, Safety Services, ERM


Over the past two decades, the wind industry has matured considerably, with some of the safety challenges of the early years overcome, others remaining. Specifically, the remoteness of offshore wind operations and the physical distance of the teams from operational bases during construction, servicing and maintenance activities is a challenge for building a strong, people-oriented safety culture. This paper presents an overview of how applying advanced data analytics can help to address these specific challenges by easy-to-use interfaces for data entry, using text recognition and natural language processing to provide access to information previously not available and at the same time drive safety leadership and employee engagement. Results from pilot deployments in onshore industries have shown that advanced data compilation and analytics systems working with smart devices can help to analyse unstructured datasets in ways that provide insights that go way beyond classical safety-related incident reporting deep into the realm of adaptive safety, where field practices are constantly undergoing real-time challenge and analysis. Beyond the technical benefits associated with such methodologies, there are indications that the use of advanced data analytics tools and technologies helps leaders to engage and motivate field staff and thus contribute towards a sustainable safety culture.

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