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PO108: Transforming operations through remote and uncrewed solutions

Stephen Thomson, Business Development Manager (Renewables), Fugro


The offshore wind industry is constantly striving to make improvements in its operational capabilities to satisfy stakeholder demand. Stakeholders are consistently challenging the industry to improve the environmental footprint of operations and to make operations safer. In addition to this, clients strive for operational efficiencies to make their wind farms commercially viable. Fugro have invested heavily in remote operations to meet stakeholder demands. Our remote operations include the world’s first uncrewed surface vessel (USV) that can launch an electrical remotely operated vehicle (eROV) with no personnel onboard the vessel. With Fugro’s eight remote operations centres providing the foundation, remote and uncrewed operations can reduce CO2 emissions by over 95%, remove everyone from the dangerous offshore environment and provide real-time data to enable efficient decision making. The journey from traditional methods of operations to remote and uncrewed operations has not happened overnight. Significant efforts have been expended in delivering these capabilities. This presentation will detail the journey from traditional operations to remote operations, the reasons behind the transformation, and share some invaluable insights to the journey that is still in progress.

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