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PO097: The beating heart of wind farms is digital.

Vincent Dehullu, International business development, e-BO Enterprises NV


Accelerating growth and consolidation in the offshore wind industry impacts the processes of building, operating and maintaining a multitude of windfarms. Initially control and management of a windfarm was organized close to the location of the farm, typically in the operational harbor. Nowadays windfarms are built further from the coast, and the evolution towards even further away floating windfarms, this physical connection between windfarm and location of management becomes less relevant. The abstract is a brief general description of how a network centric approach enables a location independent approach to consolidate the management of multiple windfarms in a limited number of sites. This consolidated digital twin approach will deliver the scale-up capabilities that are required to cope with the fast planned acceleration of the energy transformation. A digital twin, visualizing the actual situation in real time brings the common operation picture for everyone involved so that the right and motivated decisions can be taken multiple times every day. The digital twin consists of a user centric control room design, including large video wall and operator stations, providing a centralized and integrated communications platform, converging both OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology). Central collection of all the data, irrespective of the source, has become very effective in engaging with new ideas and new solutions to get more out of the plant. With external industry and government stakeholders interfacing with, the central data system has tripled. Onboarding on one common collaborative, secure and easily accessible platform reduces the administrative burden tremendously.

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