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PO096: Smart operation: Operate the wind power plant as ONE

Rune Reinersten, Sales and Marketing Director, Origo Solutions


Origo Solutions, we are a system integrator delivering safety and automation systems, and for the offshore wind industry we have delivered the SCADA for Hywind Scotland, and we are also delivering the Common SCADA to Equinor UK, including several wind power plants among those, Doggerbank A, B and C A top level SCADA, (second level SCADA), interfaces with a various number of sources, for control, operation, monitoring and data management of the entire wind power plant. This requires connecting the various interfaces and suppliers (first level control systems, sensors, instrumentation, personnel tracking, boat traffic, weather and intelilgent 3rd party ­services) – providing the operator and other stakeholders with required information for decision making and situational awareness. Foundation for smart operations In addition to serve as a top level control system operating the plant as one, a top level SCADA is a foundation that enables further opportunities. The data acquisition provides structured data so that humans and systems can achieve knowledge and wisdom required to enable smarter services, increasing the production and lower the cost of maintenance. Analysis The same principles goes for the historical data - easy access to historical data. Getting an overview of the entire wind power plant as well as comparing the different plants to get insight and knowledge of performante and state.

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