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Inter-Array Cable protection system predictive maintenance using Distributed acoustic sensing

Etienne Rochat, CTO, Omnisens SA


Offshore wind industry is facing a potentially challenging issue related to damages of cable protection systems (CPS). Omnisens and Vattenfall partnered to investigate CPS integrity within two offshore windfarms in the North Sea using fibre distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing system (DAS). A two-year DTS data series was used to analyse CPS behaviour over time using a combination of machine learning approach and signal processing. Correlations were found between thermal signatures and CPS status as provided by surves. DAS data of four different strings were acquired over a 6-month period and processed using different machine learning algorithms in view of assessing their status. The DAS based findings were compared with survey data and good agreement was found. Some CPS seen as good during surveys were identified as potentially damaged by the algorithm, which could be the evidence that survey only provides a snapshot of the status and may be subject to misinterpretation.

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