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The installation of offshore floating wind foundations using a touchless methodology utalising a smart camera system that will accelerate the installation schedule and reduce overall vessel time required.

Sjoerd Butter, Prouct Owner Vision Technology, Fugro


The majority of the offshore wind farms are constructed with bottom founded structures like monopiles or jackets. The feasibility of these type of construction is limited to about 60 meters of water depth. Floating offshore wind foundations open up new markets in deeper water, allowing generation of wind energy at locations where continental shelves are deeper or winds are stronger. All floating (wind) foundations are attached to some type of anchor on pile on the seafloor through centenary or taut wires, holding the floating foundation in place. Based on years of experience in offshore energy construction support, Fugro developed a machine-vision camera that can be mobilesed on any Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and is combined with patterns that are directly adhered to the structure. This technology is used for the accurate and touchless positioning of floating wind foundation anchors such as (suction) piles, pin piles and drag ankers. In addition an augmented reality toolkit can be utilised to accurately measure the inclination of the floating platform catenary or taut wires. Using this touchless method overall project performance is increased and vessel time required reduced. This is achieved by removing the need for physical sensors to be attatched to the foundation and making direct interfacing of a ROV with catenary,taut wires or foundations obsolete.

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