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PO080: A hang off without resin. Fast assembly and no toxic resins.

Ramón Romo, Iberdrola


Standard hang-off assembly requires the mixing and pouring of resin to ensure that the inter array cable is sealed and secured properly. The resin free hang off system project intended to demonstrate the use of a new technology, supposed to be more beneficial than common resin hang-off systems; a hang-off system designed for fast assembly without the use of toxic resins. The Resin Free Hang off (RFHO) is a new technology developed by Kintech Energy Ltd (KEL) in collaboration with the East Anglia One Wind Farm (EA1) IAC Contractor Boskalis. The deployment of a RFHO system was tested on a single EA1 Transition Piece to demonstrate its functionality under in situ conditions. Instead of resin, a sealing system is used which consists of a four-piece modular transit system made from rubber sandwiched between metal plates. As part of the EA1 Supply Chain commitment, one position was selected within the “Test Site Area” to test the innovative product aiming to reduce barriers and accelerate competition for future offshore wind projects including the wider EA Zone. The intention of the long-term trial is to demonstrate the performance of the hang off over the lifetime of the wind farm.

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