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PO079: Composite risk assessment outcomes in Europe

Phillip Hargreaves, NES Ecosystem Director, TGS/4C Offshore


Composite Risk Assessment is a multi-themed geospatial analysis that allows project risks to be identified, compared and analysed across large geographic areas. A consistent methodology has been applied to key project risk categories including Wind assessment, Basal Conditions, Operational restrictions, Environmental and Proximity to infrastructure/demand. When applied at national scales this provides a risk commentary in areas where wind leases have been gazetteer, and identifies potentially suitable new areas for offshore wind development. These outcomes can be quickly used to inform lease bid assessment strategies, identify key risks associated with specific leases, or evaluate entry into wind farm leases under development. This study details input data sources, analysis data pipelines and principles that help communicate results to non-technical users. Outcomes are presented across areas of development focus for offshore wind in Europe, taking into account fixed and floating lease rounds, electrification of oil and gas platforms and potential green hydrogen initiatives.

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