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PO073: Digitalization with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as well as digital twins as a remedy to Covid19 travel restrictions

Fabian Renger, Product Manager Wind Test Rigs, RENK Test System GmbH


We, the company RENK Test System, build test rigs for various applications and industries, including the wind industry. These rigs are built all over the world and are in various stages of development, from design to assembly to commissioning and operation. As a manufacturer, we need to provide on-site performance and services at these various stages. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, travel around the world is restricted and difficult to plan. To support our customers nevertheless, we had to find solutions by means of digitalization. The commissioning we support by digital twins of the machines. This means that a virtual model of the complete hardware of each machine is created, on which the automation software can be developed and tested. This procedure is called virtual commissioning. The interface between automation software and the digital twin is the same like the interface to the real machine. This makes it possible to test 100% of the software functionality at the factory, without the existence of the real machine. Assembly and real commissioning as well as maintenance and service is performed with personnel recruited locally in each country to avoid the need for employees to travel across national borders. Since local personnel do not have the same expertise as the well-trained and experienced personnel at our European sites, the tool of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is used.

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