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PO072: Full autonomous inspection of big structures in wind energy industry. A solution inspired by biomimicry.

Carlos Bernabéu, CEO Arborea Intellbird, Aracnocoptero


Over the last ten years, the company has generated, working closely with Iberdrola, a disruptive procedure for deferred digital inspection of wind turbine blades on digital twins created from data obtained with UAS. The software tools developed allow predictive maintenance over a ranking of blades at risk. Additionally, procedures for digitization and deferred analysis of marine park jackets have been created for Scottish Power. All these tools have contributed to O&M cost reduction. On the other hand, the development of a tool for the management of UAS in airspace, the Virtual Control Tower, allows the supervision of automatic drone flights and their integration in airspace in a safe way. This patented technology is used in the automatic inspection of power lines carried out in Spain by REE, with technology and under the technical assistance of Arborea intellbird. By evolving these technologies, a small UAV system has been designed and built, with low logistics and cost, capable of taking data autonomously and safely from a wind turbine, under the supervision of the virtual control tower and sending digital data based on employment. of satellite communications technology provided by Hispasat, Red Eléctrica group. This technology can be applied under the concept developed by Arbórea in 2011 of deferred digital inspection on digital twins, to detect early defectology, with a predictive analysis approach, without the need to move technicians to the turbines. Its most notable applications are blade analysis, or corrosion in jackets, as well as critical elements of marine substations.

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