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PO070: Polyurethane in wind blades helps lower the cost of energy

Ernesto Silva Mojica, Market Development Manager, Covestro


Covestro developed a portfolio of polyurethane (PU) solutions for the wind energy industry including advanced PU resin systems for vacuum infusion of wind blades and glass or carbon fiber pultrusion of spar caps, and a collection of coating raw materials to protect the entire wind turbine including Leading Edge Protection (LEP) of the blade. These innovative solutions have raised significant interest in the industry through achievement of DNV industrial certifications and real-scale demonstrations across regions. Covestro and its development partners manufactured the world’s first PU wind blade in 2019, and received a JEC innovation award in the category of sustainability in 2021. In this presentation we highlight the impact of Covestro PU solutions to the offshore wind industry. In addition to offering increased production efficiency for blade manufacturers, these solutions enable increased productivity and lower the cost of generating energy for wind park operators, resulting in reliable and affordable clean energy for the final user. The use of PU in the composites and coatings of a wind blade results in shorter manufacturing cycles, more durable blades, reduced maintenance frequency, and potentially longer blade designs. These features play a significant role in lowering the cost of energy and enabling the fast deployment of new offshore wind capacity.

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