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PO066: Innovation enablers: reducing costs by empowering innovation

Thomas James, Consultant, Guidehouse


The cost of offshore wind has seen significant decrease in recent years and new technologies are driving costs even lower. As well as small scale innovations, large scale trends are developing. Using a variety of sources, we have assessed developments in wind energy, both fixed bottom and floating, and have identified trends in how innovation is being encouraged. Our analysis considers the effectiveness of selected policy mechanisms for driving new technologies to the market, based on selected market examples. These mechanisms focus on permitting, establishing links to academia and research and building on the legacy of existing industrial expertise. Our research and insights show how new technologies are becoming mature and which instruments, of the analysed ones, have been successful in incentivising innovation. Upcoming project pipelines reveal which technologies are being utilised and how these technologies are opening up for offshore wind development in new development zones. Our analysis provides valuable perspective on the industry as a whole and identifies several successful strategies for encouraging uptake of new technologies.

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