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PO059: Numerical modelling of floating offshore wind turbines: current approach and challenges

Miren Sánchez, Offshore Wind Researcher, Tecnalia


The currently modelling workflow of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) tries to simulate such systems in an integrated way considering the aerodynamics, the hydrodynamics, the mooring line dynamics and the wind turbine controller. State-of-the-art design tools for FOWT can simulate all the physics integrated because they have reached a high level of sophistication. Nevertheless, the unique effects occurring on FOWT due to the large rotor and platform motions, tower deflections, the use of non-slender support structures and the effect of wind turbine controller require the further improvement of current modelling techniques to reach a greater confidence in simulated results. The applicability of Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics for the representation of the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics of this type of systems and their impact on global system loads is discussed. As well as different techniques for the representation of mooring line dynamics, including quasi static, finite element and multibody methods is analysed. Moreover, the importance of not having a traditional sequential design process for avoiding conservative designs and the use of Control Co-Design as an integrated design method that concurrently treats a dynamic system’s physical and control aspects is analysed. Therefore, in this study we discuss the important physical effects unique for FOWT as well as the current major modelling challenges in FOWT design tools and processes not yet addressed on the fields of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, mooring line dynamics and control.

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