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PO051: Design and analysis of grouted connection in offshore wind turbine foundation beyond code validity

Luca Cecchini, Principal Structural Engineer, ODE


With OWF sites located in more challenging geotechnical conditions such as early rocky formation, the grouted connections between the pile and the jacket legs are facing more challenges. Installation and fabrication constraints lead to the grouted connection beyond the validity range of current design standards. This paper presents a comprehensive methods on conducting nonlinear grouted connection analysis for both ULS conditions and FLS conditions. For ULS conditions, the unique problem of convergence of non linear analysis with Willam Warnke damage model for more than 500,000 elements has been addressed with optimal solutions within nonlinear concrete finite element analysis package ANSYS which complies with the requirements of DNV standards. For FLS analysis, an innovative mapping scheme is created thus to reduce the time for stress cycle counting considerable within the concrete elements. The methods have been used in real offshore wind project and helped in the successful certification of offshore WTG foundation.

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