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PO045: First approach of an offshore wind turbine lab scale model for control design

Segundo Esteban, Associate Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Floating offshore wind turbines, in addition to being subject to strong winds and gusts, also suffer from wave disturbances, which in many cases can be relevant to the safety of the wind device. These perturbations generate structural oscillations that must be reduced by active or passive control techniques. These control strategies are designed on simulated models that are usually simplified and linearised versions of the dynamics of the real system. However, when applied to the real devices, there are some effects not considered in the simulations that can ruin the results or cause a control strategy to be discarded. Due to the high cost of wind turbines and the need for research and development on wind turbines, a small-scale laboratory model is proposed to adapt the control techniques to the physical problem. This work addresses the problem of building wind turbines prototypes to work in a laboratory, which reflect as reliably as possible the behavior of a real floating offshore turbine, also reproducing its environmental conditions. These small-scale models can be used to make more realistic decisions about the implementation of new control techniques for offshore wind turbines.

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