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PO031: Successful renewable hydrogen project development: Insights and learnings from the ERM Dolphyn project

Molly Iliffe, Principal Consultant, ERM


Renewable (or green) hydrogen represents a transformational opportunity for a range of sectors in Europe, including power, oil and gas, transport and heavy industry. To realise these opportunities and deploy renewable hydrogen production at scale, learnings from early stage innovative projects will need to be fully integrated into the development of later, larger scale projects. The ERM Dolphyn floating offshore wind to hydrogen project is an innovative case study of green hydrogen project development. The project is at an advanced stage of development and commercial operation is planned for 2024 – as such many learnings have been developed through the project so far which could be of interest to other renewable hydrogen projects which are at an earlier stage of development. In this presentation, key learnings and insights from this leading project will be shared with delegates. In particular, recommendations will be grouped around key areas where deep innovation and new thinking was required, namely: technical design, cost reductions (and balancing with other elements such as local content and lifecycle emissions), development of the supply chain, planning/regulatory authorities, engagement with local and national stakeholders and the importance of linking with a regional hydrogen economy.

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