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PO030: Power to green hydrogen Mallorca the first green hydrogen HUB in a European island

Lucas Villalba Eirea, Project Manager, Acciona Energía


Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca is the first green hydrogen valley on a European island. The project is in line with a long-term vision for the development of green H2 as an energy vector, which will play a fundamental role in the transition towards a 100% clean energy model. It will help decarbonized sectors, where electrification is not economically efficient or where it is not yet technically possible, to move towards the green transition, serving as a model for other insular territories. The H2 plant is prepared to produce more than 300 Tons of Hydrogen a year from solar energy, and it is located in the facilities of a cement factory, which in recent years has reduced drastically its cement production, negatively affecting the economy and employment of the area. In this sense, the Hydrogen HUB has not only partly restored the economic situation but is also creating skilled workers in a booming industry. The hydrogen produced will fuel a fleet of fuel cell buses, where 5 of them will arrive in March 2022, and captive fleets of light delivery vehicles through a hydrogen filling station located in Palma, the capital of Mallorca. It will also supply auxiliary power for ferries and port operations (cold ironing), produce green energy and heat for municipal buildings using cell fuels, and it will be mixed in the Natural Gas pipeline of Mallorca up to 5% for local consumption.

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