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PO027: Green H2 generation from wind energy scenarios: search for the minimum H2 selling price in Spain

Enrique Telmo Martinez, CIRCE


The biggest challenge introduced by high wind energy integration to the electricity grid is still associated with the intermittent characteristics of wind energy due to the nature of wind resources. Over two decades, storage possibilities have been discussed in literature vastly. Hydrogen-based energy storage systems become more prevalent each day due to the high potential of the Green Hydrogen concept in achieving 100% energy use sourced from renewables. The profitability of wind energy & hydrogen generation sector coupling depends on the volatile electricity market prices and hydrogen selling prices. The country-level policies and regulations can fasten hydrogen & wind coupling solutions in countries with significant wind energy generation. As the case country presented in this study, Spain is one of the unique countries where onshore wind energy generation can address more than 20% of the country's electricity demand. In this study, 20 scenarios are analyzed to evaluate hydrogen generation from wind energy potential for Spain in 2019 and in 2020. The minimum H2 selling prices under different scenario settings are discussed, and a comparative analysis is provided. We have selected 2019 as a typical year and 2020 as a particular year because of the pandemic with low electricity market prices. It is reported that when wind generation is profitable alone, if a certain % of onshore wind energy generation in Spain is allocated for H2 generation, to increase the benefits, H2 selling prices must exceed 7 EUR. Whereas, for an anomalous year, when the wind energy generation is not profitable alone, the minimum H2 prices are found to be higher than 1.5 EUR.

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