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PO005: Hybrid wind - solar power supply system for industrial consumers: a case study of Brose factory in Serbia

Katarina Obradović, MSc student, University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering


In developing countries, the industrial expansion increases the electricity demand. Thus, the need for new power generating units to support this industrial growth is in inclination. Aiming for zero net emissions worldwide, additional power capacities are to be carried out with renewable energy sources (RES). However, numerous technical constraints are emerging mostly relating to the power grid performance. The intermittency of RES sets challenges to proper energy balancing, as well as network assets congestion and voltage excursions. Nevertheless, distributed RES power generation could mitigate transmission power losses by introducing the opposite power flows in the distribution power grid. Large electricity consumers, i.e. great industrial plants, have the possibility to cover their consumption by smart utilization of RES power plants. Such solution is created for the Brose d.o.o new branch in Serbia, placed on the flat region with usable wind and solar potential. Complementary energy potential of these RES enables the possibility to meet energy needs of this manufactory by employing hybrid power generating system. The enhancements regarding power losses in the local distribution overhead line are quantitatively shown, as well as the resulting reduction of CO2 emissions. Facility proposed in this case study eases the energy transition towards RES providing flexibility from both operational and economical point of view.

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