Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao

Presenters and Speakers

Mireia Olave

Structural Reliability - Team Leader, Ikerlan


Mireia Olave is currently leading the Structural Reliability Team, in the Applied Mechanics area at IKERLAN. After finishing the Mechanical Industrial Engineering degree at the University of MONDRAGON in 2003, she studied a Master in Polymers and Composite Materials at KU Leuven. She obtained the PhD degree from KU Leuven University and MONDRAGON University in a dual degree program between the two countries. Her thesis focused on the static and fatigue characterization of textile composite materials depending on the internal geometry of the structures. Her research efforts are now focused on the development of structural reliability methodologies, failure analysis and experimental characterization of materials and components, especially oriented to the wind sector. She has participated in numerous national and international projects, and she is leading the European INNTERESTING project, where innovative test methods for critical components will be developed for the future wind turbines.



  • Development on new hybrid testing methodologies for reliable critical components in wind turbines
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