Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao

Presenters and Speakers

Jodie Ball

Lead Renewables Consultant, Xodus


Jodie is a Lead Consultant in the renewables team at Xodus specialising in Wind Turbines and project development activities, including floating foundations and turbine feasibility for wind farms, development consenting, installation activities and CAPEX modelling. Jodie studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Glasgow and has since built up a comprehensive understanding of renewable energy technology. She has effectively implemented onshore wind farms in the West Highlands of Scotland, providing technical expertise through development, contract, and construction of Wind Farms. Jodie has led hydrogen fuel cell component research, built test rigs, and increased efficiency of bespoke specialised components within hydrogen powered automotive thermal management systems. Jodie’s proactive and passionate nature has successfully upheld and strengthened wind turbine supplier contracts, validated quality assurance practices, and provided technical due diligence on innovative renewable energy projects.


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