Presenters and Speakers - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao

Presenters and Speakers

Julien Dalmas

Head of technical engineering, VALEMO


VALEMO is a French company specialised in operation, maintenance and supervision of renewable energy plants with 1GW of multi-energy assets under management. Julien Dalmas is a 37 years old French measurement and analysis engineer who joined VALEMO in 2009. He operated many wind farms and has been involved on more than 400 technical audits of wind, PV and hydro projects at different phases which represents a total of more than 5 GW. He is in charge of 4 people who coordinate on-site technical audit missions and design turnkey remote management systems. He is technically specialised on LiDAR mounted-nacelle campaigns and data analysis.


  • Presentation of the variation of the production loss coefficient as a function of nacelle misalignement, considering the impact of aerodynamic power coefficient variations.
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