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Søren Krohn

Independent Consultant, SKpower, United States


Soren Krohn is a wind power consultant, presently working as senior wind energy specialist for the World Bank Group on its Global Wind Atlas team. He has worked on wind resource mapping and wind farm projects in more than 40 countries for 23 years. He advised the Government of Egypt on large IPP wind projects including one of the lowest energy-cost projects in the world. He works for the IFC on technical due diligence and new methodologies for wind farm investments and is active in ESMAP wind power training programs. He has advised utilities, governments and developers in North America on some 5,000 MW of wind IPP tenders. He was CEO of the Danish Wind Industry Association and former Vice President of EWEA, the European Wind Energy Association for 10 years. He is author of the educational wind energy web site on windpower.org, for which he received the main European wind power award, the Poul la Cour Prize, in 1999.


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