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Jan Kreiss

Consultant, Takon GmbH, Germany


M. Sc. Jan Kreiss is a consultant for Takon GmbH and PhD student at the Institute of Economics (ECON) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He received his Master’s degree at KIT in 2016 in Industrial Engineering and Management with focus on operations research and game theory. With Takon, he is involved in different consultancy projects, for example for designing the renewable energy support auctions in Germany and Denmark as well as in European research project AURES that theoretically analyzes and empirically evaluates auctions for renewable energy support in different European countries but also worldwide. In this context, he took part in several workshops, contributed to scientific publications and conducted auction experiments to further analyze and understand the bidding behavior of real auction participants. Furthermore, he is involved in teaching at KIT, holding seminars and giving tutorials in auction theory and decision theory.


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