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Supporting electricity grids as wind power reaches new heights

Integrating wind power into energy systems

When: Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 16:30 - 17:45
Where: G107

Session description

New design of electricity markets, the auction schemes proposal and the use of other technologies such as demand response and energy storage to facilitate the integration of wind power, will all be addressed in this session.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand why we need to change the existing market mechanisms and what are the possibilities for future energy markets structures
  2. Listen to auction schemes proposals and how they will support the development of wind power and other renewable generation technologies
  3. Understand how other technologies such as demand response and energy storage support integration of wind and renewables power in the power systems and energy markets

Session chairs

Olimpo Anaya-Lara
Professor, University of Strathclyde

Alfredo Parres
Group Senior Vice-President, Head of Wind Sector Initiative, ABB


Auction-theoretic analyses of the first offshore wind energy auction in Germany

Jan Kreiss
Consultant, Takon GmbH

The new support scheme for renewable energy sources power plants and high efficiency combined heat and power plants in Greece and the permanent auction procedures for wind parks.

Dionysios Papachristou
Head of Press & Public Relations Office, Regulatory Authority for Energy

Integrating demand-side flexibility in the energy market as a means to increase efficiency of wind power

Bram Sieben
USEF Foundation

Electricity markets need redesigning - how to make clean energy and security of supply profitable

Christian Grenz
Senior Advisor, Friedrich Alexander Universität / Siemens AG

Event Ambassadors