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Onshore wind turbines: where do we go next?

Turbine Technology (on- and offshore)

When: Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 11:30 - 12:45
Where: Emerald

Session description

Offshore wind turbines will soon be exceeding 10MW in order to lower LCOE. But how can onshore reach the same level facing the dual challenge of more restrictions (noise, transportation, etc.) and less wind resources being available? New turbine architectures, advanced materials and production processes at lowest possible costs are needed in order to keep up with the market demand. What technological innovations can support such market development? What improvements in turbine components can help to optimize the complete value chain?

Learning objectives

  • Analyze the current trends in onshore technology from a key player in business intelligence
  • Assess the potential of a lightweight superconducting drivetrain developed in a joint European project
  • Realize how new materials allow to reduce wind turbine loads
  • Reflect on the possible benefits of taller wind turbine towers

Session chairs

Paris Lappas
Head of Product Strategy, Nordex Group

Gerard Van Bussel
Professor, TU Delft


Paris Lappas
Head of Product Strategy, Nordex Group


Is bigger better? Next generation 4MW onshore turbines for European wind auctions

Shashi Barla
Technology Consultant, MAKE Consulting

Towards the First Installation of a Direct Drive Superconducting Generator on a Commercial Wind Turbine

Jesper Hansen
Project Manager, Envision Energy

Tall Tower Technology

Chirag Kareliya
Product Manager, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Event Ambassadors