Day two, 9 June - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2020
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms
8-11 June 2020 • Online

Day two, 9 June

Opening session
Plenary – Wakes and blockages

Short break

Resource Assessment: LiDARS – vertical and scanning

Posters & Networking – including exhibitors’ private sessions

Opening talk


Giles Dickson

CEO, WindEurope

Raul Gil

Vice-President Submarine Power, Telecom and Offshore Business Units, Prysmian Group

Plenary session 1: Blockage and Wakes


As wind farms have become larger the simple wake superstition model, which has been used successfully since the early 1990’s, is being shown not to represent adequately turbine wakes. This is especially the case for offshore wind farms due their size, the homogenous flow and low levels of atmospheric turbulence. This session explores through the presentation of measured data the deficiencies in the existing models how we are developing new mathematical models to model wakes in large wind farms.


Mike Anderson

Chair, ETIPWind Advisory Group


Graham Hawkes

Engineering Manager – Energy Technology, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd

Developing and Appraising a Toolbox of Numerical Models to Quantify Global Blockage Effects

Nicolai Gayle Nygaard

Lead Wind Energy Analyst, Ørsted

Do we understand wind farm blockage and cluster wakes?

Beatriz Cañadillas

Senior Research Engineer, UL International GmbH

Offshore wind farm wake recovery and its representation in engineering wake models

Christiane Montavon

Principal Engineer, CFD Lead, DNV GL

Wind farm scale blockage: offshore and onshore

Jake Badger

Head of Section, DTU Wind Energy

Modelling wind farm cluster wake impacts on the ambitious scenarios for wind energy exploitation in the German Bight using two methodologies

Resource Assessment – LiDARS Vertical & Scanning


In the latest years, Lidar has become a critical and highly valuable tool for wind resource measurement and assessment, but there is still a high potential for lidar technology improvements and new applications for the wind industry, that is worth to be explored.


Gaspar Iniesta

Head of Wind Center of Excellence, Enel Green Power


Florian Jäger

Researcher, Fraunhofer IEE

Challenges for multi-LiDAR measurements in wind energy applications

Lee Cameron

Data Science Manager, RES

A Holistic Approach to Designing Dual Doppler Scanning LiDAR Site Assessment Measurement Campaigns

Marie-Anne Cowan

Principal Engineer, DNV GL

Are offshore met masts dead in the water?

Norman Wildmann

Researcher, DLR e.V.

Scanning, pulsed Doppler wind lidar applications for wind-energy research

Stephane Sanquer

Research manager, Meteodyn

Consideration of the boundary layer stability on the flow correction of Lidar measurements for complex terrain