Day three, 10 June - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2020
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms
8-11 June 2020 • Online

Day three, 10 June

Machine learning & big data

Short break

Resource Assessment: Latest news in models and data

Posters & Networking – including exhibitors’ private sessions

Plenary Session – Machine Learning & Big Data


Machine Learning and Big Data are playing an ever-greater role in the wind industry. Vast amounts of data are being generated by operating wind farms, meteorological measurement and models. At the same time, researchers and consultants are looking at how to apply machine learning developments to complex analysis and modelling problems.

In this session we will then turn to how insights from the worlds of retail and logistics can be used in applications of Machine Learning and Big Data in wind energy. Later we will hear about applications of Machine Learning and Big Data inside the wind energy sector.


Jake Badger

Head of Section, Wind Resource Assessment Modelling, DTU Wind Energy

Berith Klug

Head of Operational Excellence, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli

Principal Specialist Solutions Architect – Machine Learning, Amazon


Jorge López

Business Developer, Green Eagle Solutions

Smart Energy Control Centers (SECCs) to revolutionize operation strategies for asset performance and maintenance cost optimisation through automatization

Kévin Clément

Engineer, DNV GL

Operational wind farm availability: learning from data

Resource Assessment – Latest news in models and data


Sometimes it’s difficult to fit the most cutting-edge research in a particular workshop session, either because it’s a completely new topic or because it embraces several connected ones. The aim of this session is to provide a preeminent voice to excellent works which have in common its singularity.

Learning objectives:

  • Attendees will get an overview of current research trends in wind farm control.
  • Attendees will learn about MPAS, a strong candidate for the next generation of atmospheric multiscale models.
  • Attendees will discover a smarter way to reduce wind turbine noise, driven by local real-time measurements.
  • Attendees will be briefed on the new standard for wind speed measurement with nacelle-mounted lidar and its implications.

    José Vidal

    Technical Director of Energy Advisory, UL


    Marta Gil Bardaji

    Wind Data Analyst, Vortex FdC

    Revisiting mesoscale: how MPAS can make wind resource modeling really seamless

    Charles Henderson

    Stacker Group CEO and ENTR Organizer, Stacker Group

    ENTR: an open-source initiative by owner-operators to establish a reference architecture for data standardization in the wind industry

    John Medley

    Senior Data Scientist, ZX Lidars

    A new international standard for wind speed measurement with nacelle-mounted lidar and its implications for CW-scanning lidar

    Alex Clerc

    SMART Product Manager, RES

    A novel dynamic curtailment solution for amplitude modulation

    Giancarlo Potenza

    Project Manager, Enel Green Power

    CL-WINDCON project – EU H2020 project