Day four, 11 June - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2020
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms
8-11 June 2020 • Online

Day four, 11 June

Operational Assessment: Data-driven operations

Short break

Operational Assessment: End-of-Life and business models

Short break

Final session: Climate change

Posters & Networking – including exhibitors’ private sessions

Breakout – Data-driven operations


Jose Alba

Head of Global O&M Wind and Storage, Enel Green Power

Simon Foss Børresen

Head of Advanced Analytics; Deputy Product Manager DnD ART; Offshore – Operations, Ørsted

Owner’s perspective: the value of remote monitoring and advanced data analytics

Bo Rømer-Odgaard

Chief Engineer, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

OEM perspective: operational decisions in the wind farm based on previous data

Matteo Moschini

Head of Monitoring and Control Rooms Support, Enel Green Power

Step back to move forward: how having a data model can change Operation & Maintenance

Bruno Pinto

CTO, Sereema

Independent and high frequency data for wind farm operation optimisation

Operational Assessment – End of Life and Business Models


The average operational lifetime of a wind farm is estimated to be in the range of 20-25 years. This means that a significant portion of most installed wind farms will come to their nominal End of Life in the coming years and operators will have to make critical business decisions based on the specific characteristics of the site, conditions and installed technology. With reference to the European Union, such decisions will also have a significant impact on delivering the 2030 wind capacity and energy targets declared in the National Energy and Climate Plans as well as on the foreseen carbon neutrality targets by 2050. The session End of Life & Business Decisions will kick-off with an overview of the current wind energy landscape and repowering potentials in Italy and it will them move on to give an account of cutting-edge tools to help navigating among the possible options: extend the operational life of the assets, re-power the site or decommission.


Alessio Cipullo

European Affairs and Studies, Elettricità Futura

Luca di Carlo

Scientific Secretary, ANEV


Thibaud Uhl

O&M REX Manager – Knowledge Officer BU France Renewable, ENGIE

The current O&M strategies and their impacts on the windfarm performances

Thibaut Labonde

Business Development Manager – Mediterranean, UL International

The current O&M strategies and their impacts on the windfarm performances

Alvaro Gonzalez-Salcedo

Senior Engineer, CENER

State of health of wind farms using SCADA and digital twins based on aeroelastic models

Philipp Stukenbrock

Head of Sales, 8.2 Consulting AG

Lifetime extension reports and the approach to analyze the trend of old turbines for the period of the remaining lifetime – Results and challenges based on 1 000 lifetime extension assessments

Chris Stetter

Chief Technology Officer, Nefino GmbH

Repowering potentials of end-of-life turbines: Macroscale spatial planning analyses of national wind fleets

Plenary session – Climate Change


The COVID-19 pandemic is opening a transformational era: it is becoming even more crucial, evident and urgent to find actionable solutions to the challenge of climate change. Moreover, this health crisis had shown the fragility of future predictions based on what has been historically considered as ‘normal.’ We need to be prepared and fully equipped to understand the shifts and changes in climate towards new conditions – and what implications these will have across all our wind farm projects. This session will bring you an insightful discussion on the future of wind, building on two essential presentations:
  • the physical limits on offshore wind farm developments in terms of wind resource saturation; and
  • the interplay between trends and long-term variability of the wind resource that is found when viewing the wind resource analysis from a climate perspective.

  • We welcome you onboard and highly value your participation in the interactive debate that will follow the presentations.


    Gil Lizcano

    R&D Director, Vortex

    Maliya Lazli

    Conference Programme Officer, WindEurope

    Axel Kleidon

    Group leader, Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry

    Limits to wind energy: from the physical basis to practical applications in offshore wind resource estimation

    Ana Lopez

    Science Lead, Climate-Scale

    Wind stilling past and future: is the jury still out?