Call for abstracts - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2020
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms
8-11 June 2020 • Online

Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts is closed

Outcome of the call for abstracts will be communicated early February. This edition of the workshops will bring together the experts of Analysis of Operating Wind Farms and Resource Assessment. Some sessions will also address strategy topics.

General Abstracts requirements – for all topics

Resource Assessment Track

Topic 1: Uncertainty in data analysis and processing

Topic 2: Measurements including LiDARs

Topic 3: Improving simulations and modelling with regards to levels of uncertainty

Topic 4: Wakes & blockage

Topic 5: Wind Atlas

Topic 6: Climate Change

Track on Analysis of Operating Wind Farms

Topic 1: Power curves assessment

Topic 2: Modelling

Topic 3: Forecasting

Topic 4: Turbine LiDARs

Topic 5: Noise

General and Strategy track

Topic 1: All about Data

Topic 2: Wind projects business model decisions (including permitting issues)