Sessions - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2022
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2022
23-24 June • Brussels



When: Thursday, 23 June 2022, 9:00 - 10:30
Where: Auditorium

Session description

The more accurate the assessment of the wind resource is when planning a wind farm, the more accurate the estimation of Annual Energy Production will be, and hence the stronger the business case and the lower the financing costs. Proper wind resource assessment is therefore a cornerstone of every wind project, especially as the environment for wind projects becomes increasingly merchant. This session will focus on reducing uncertainty when estimating how much wind there is at a given site, through better models and validation tools. It is designed for wind energy professionals who conduct or commission wind resource assessment campaigns, researchers working on wind dynamics and modelling, data scientists and analysts, as well as anyone interested in staying up-to-date on new technology and research developments in this fast-moving and increasingly digital field.

Session chair

Jake Badger

Section Head, Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy


A computationally-efficient algorithm for the prediction of wind farm performance based on SAR image processing

Tatiana Suarez

Founder, Flightform Insights

A novel tool for climate change risk analysis: using the 2021 UK summer low wind anomalies to build 'storylines' of future wind regimes in the midlatitudes

Gil Lizcano

Director, Climate Scale

First MPAS-powered downscaling solution for wind resource assessment

Marta Gil-Bardaji

R&D Wind Modelling, Vortex FdC

Is it time to retire the “tab”?

Marion Le Doeuff

Analytics and Advisory Lead (France), Natural Power Consultants Ltd

Long-term prediction using operational data: wind index vs. production index methodology

Gordon Smith

Senior Principal Engineer, DNV

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